Our partners

Economic Development Partners

Economic stakeholders in the region are very committed to optimizing the expansion of local businesses and have developed a full range of funds and services to meet the needs of the region’s entrepreneurs.

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Entrepreneuriat Haute-Yamaska

Entrepreneuriat Haute-Yamaska, a part of Granby Industriel, actively contributes to the region’s socioeconomic development, providing financial aid funds and startup expertise to assist emerging companies and support other local projects.

Services Québec

Services Québec provides consulting and financial support to:

  • Increase productivity;
  • Optimize human resource management;
  • Train, motivating and mobilizing employees;
  • Recruit qualified personnel;
  • Prepare business succession and transfer;
  • Comply with certain legal requirements.

Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation (MAPAQ)
Le MAPAQ guides and supports the Quebec biofood industry within the framework of sustainable development:

  • Involvement in the stages of production, transformation, marketing and consumption of agricultural, marine and food products.
  • An important role in research and development, as well as teaching and training.

Ministry of Economy and Innovation

The Ministry‘s mission is to support business growth, entrepreneurship, science, innovation, export trade and investment. It also advises the Government with a view to favouring economic development in every region of Québec, in a perspective of:

  • job creation;
  • economic prosperity;
  • sustainable development.

National Research Council (NRC)

The NRC supports innovation, conducts strategic research and acquires scientific and technical services to develop and implement solutions to meet current and future demands of Canadian industry and society.

Canada Economic Development (CED) for Quebec Regions

CED favours the development of companies by contributing, either directly or via supporting organizations, to the development of entrepreneurship and the performance of companies. Specific assistance is available for:

  • Creating or starting a business ;
  • Planning the succession of a business ;
  • Increasing productivity ;
  • Innovating, adapting new technologies, or facilitating technology transfer;
  • Marketing and Exports;
  • Structuring a Network.

Expansion PME

Companies often require assistance to develop or consolidate markets outside of Quebec. For both novice companies and experienced exporters, Expansion PME provides a full range of services to help companies with their export projects and with the decision-making process.

Invest Quebec (IQ)

IQ is a crown corporation that exists to contribute to the economic development of Quebec by stimulating the growth of investment and promote employment in all regions of the province. The corporation supports the creation and development local businesses of all sizes by providing targeted financial solutions and investments, complementing the services provided by its partners.

Le Centre d’aide aux entreprises Haute-Yamaska et région (CAE)

The mission of the CAE is to participate in regional economic development by offering small businesses financial assistance and consulting services to stimulate local job growth and job retention.

Le Centre d’innovation et de technologies industrielles de Granby (CITIG)

The CITIG is an industrial incubator that supports local entrepreneurship and promotes business development. This incubator provides innovative companies and startups with fairly priced commercial space, as well as consulting and professional and technical support services.