Incubated Businesses


(incubation at CITIG is done). High precision machine shop using 5 axis machine


(incubation at CITIG is done). IVe ÉTAT INC, designs, made, promotes, sells, distribute water characterized by a high concentration of oxygen.

Ceptek Technologies

(incubation at CITIG is done). Ceptek Technologies is specialized in the design of refrigeration systems for thermal processes and industrial cooling.


(incubation at CITIG is done). Cookir manufactures and markets a soybean cooking system combined with a press that is designed for the production of protein supplements for livestock. The Cookir cooker will provide growers with greater autonomy by processing their own harvest.


(incubation at CITIG is done). KINESIQ designs, develops and markets products that integrate motion technologies for the health and wellness market: Individuals suffering from diminishing autonomy, seniors or individuals receiving rehabilitation care (movements) as well as therapists.


(incubation at CITIG is done). Protec-Style reinforces its position as a green technology development center leading to the creation of manufacturing companies (spin-off). Upon reaching technological maturity of a given production process and a reasonnable sales forecast, the Spin Off process is initiated. To secure raw material supply’s stability and efficiency, we promote the creation of cooperatives whose objective is to provide producers with technical support, seeds and harvesting equipment required. Companies resulting from Protec-Style’s activities: Industries ENCORE 3 Inc. ; Fibre Monark Inc. ; ETIC Productions Inc. ; ENCORE 3 USA.

Materium Innovations

(incubation at CITIG is done). Combining knowledge, science and innovation, Materium has developed an additive for plastics, composites and polymer that features excellent lightening and mechanical resistance properties, which contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gases.

Pyro Spray

(incubation at CITIG is done). Pyro Spray is specialized in automated application of thermal coatings. With over 15 years of experience in the sector, this company serves a wide array of industries, from prototyping to quality analysis for mass production.

Maid Labs

(incubation at CITIG is done)

Dr Patch

(incubation at CITIG is done)

Aroua Tek

(incubation at CITIG is done)