Business Coaching: Recruitment and Workforce Integration

Employers, are you searching for new talent?

Welcoming interns, hiring graduating students or immigrant workers, or participating in recruitment missions may be the right solutions for you.

Thanks to its network of collaborators, the Granby Industrial team offers coaching services and support to Granby area industrial businesses searching for talent, both here and abroad.

Student ou prof workforce

Support and consulting services for local recruitment

Welcoming students/interns

  • Linking to the vocational, technical and university training network and the sectoral workforce committees (CSMOs)
  • Information on internship opportunities and the various programs offered by educational institutions
  • Collaboration with CSMOs and educational institutions to create training cohorts to fill medium- and long-term positions

Employee recruitment

  • Access to our Granby Enjoy! platform to publish your job and internship offers free of charge
  • Promotional support during your open houses and other recruitment campaigns
  • CV database available which can be forwarded upon request

Hiring immigrants already living in Quebec

  • Referral to Montréal regionalization organizations (skilled immigrant workers)
  • Referral of profiles and candidates from immigrant backgrounds by Solidarité Ethnique Régionale de la Yamaska (SERY)
  • Carrying out speed interviews with the participation of SERY candidates and immigrants already living in Quebec
  • Organization of exploratory visits to companies

Information sharing and opportunity monitoring

  • Access to the region’s network of employability services organizations’ database
  • Access to the database of educational institution training programs available in several regions across Quebec
  • Monitoring government programs and services, as well as specific training courses

Participation in events and activities (coming soon)

  • Recruitment and meeting activity: Destination Granby
  • Workshop conferences and networking activities
  • Representation at job fairs and promotion of industrial jobs available in Granby

Intl workforce

Coaching and support for international recruitment

Services available to businesses

  • Identification of recruitment-related needs
  • Information about recruitment missions abroad. Journées Québec – Government of Quebec
  • Support for businesses during Journées Québec missions (virtual or in person)
  • Access to professionals:
    • List of private firms offering international recruitment services
    • List of recognized immigration consultants or immigration lawyers.

Support for newcomer welcome and integration

  • Validation of the company’s employee integration plan
  • Targeting the needs of future workers and their families, if applicable
  • Referral to organizations that can offer support

Services offered to recruited temporary foreign workers and their family

  • Communication with the future employee (still living in their country) to send them documentation related to settling in Quebec
  • Information about opening a bank account and access to credit (Desjardins)
  • Information about Accompagnement Québec, a free service offered to newcomers to facilitate their integration in Québec
  • Assistance to help the worker’s spouse enter the job market
  • Possibility of short-term accommodations with a host, for a temporary foreign worker (project in development)

Events and activities (coming soon – IN FRENCH ONLY)

  • Training: Initiation to international recruitment
  • Training: LMIA, work permit, CAQ, CSQ, financial assistance, integration of new foreign workers, etc.
  • Networking activities, meetings with experts

tools & references

Tools at your fingertips

For questions or to take advantage of our support and information services :

Stéphanie Jetté, Industrial Advisor & Workforce
450 777-2707, poste 2625

Carole Gatien, Communications Counsellor & Workforce
450 777-2707, poste 2620

For all other services and support for businesses and temporary foreign workers

Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Intégration (MIFI)

Rafael Carvajal, International Recruitment Advisor
International recruitment and talent retention department

Available services and support :

  • Identification of businesses’ needs
  • Information on immigration programs
  • Assessment of businesses’ readiness for recruitment
  • Information on the NOC, the LMIA, the CAQ and the CSQ
  • Information about Journées Québec recruitment missions
  • Information about the Portail employeurs and ARRIMA

Ginette Hébert, Integration assistance agents in Granby
77, Principale, Office 02
Granby, (Québec) J2G 9B3
Tel : 438 844-3063, ext.: 30604

Available services and support :

  • Evaluate and support immigrants in their settlement and integration process and act as a resource person for Accompagnement Québec.
  • Accompagnement Québec is a free and personalized service provided to immigrants by the MIFI.
  • Sustained support :
    • While they are abroad, through pre-departure services that include: Francization, skills recognition, online job market integration and regionalization services.
    • In Quebec: Meeting with an Integration assistance agent and needs analysis including a personalized action plan covering the following components: Settling in, community life, employment, francization, immigration.

Target clientele

All immigrants aged 18 and over, as well as their spouses

For more information on integration services for immigrants, please visit : Accompagnement Québec

Solidarité ethnique régionale de la Yamaska (SERY)

Céline Gagnon, Deputy General Manager
Phone : (450) 777-7213 ext.: 225

Available services: Welcome, support and integration of immigrants to the region:

  • French learning
  • Registering children in daycare or in an educational institution
  • Registering with a family doctor
  • Finding a healthcare provider for a consultation on the same day or the next day
  • Declaration of a change in family situation
  • Training on income tax return (for the governments of Quebec and Canada)
  • Verification of eligibility for the Canada child benefit and the Quebec family allowance
  • Meeting with an immigration assistance agent
  • Participation in integration training sessions (Objectif Intégration Session)
  • Familiarization with the public transportation network
  • Assistance in obtaining the city of Granby’s Carte-Loisirs (sports and recreation card)
  • Interpreter services (volunteer for medical appointments only)
  • Help and referrals
  • Help to get an apartment