Available Financing

Fonds local d’investissement (FLI) and Fonds local de solidarité (FLS)

The FLI-FLS aims to generate entrepreneurship throughout the Haute-Yamaska territory and to facilitate job creation through financial support in the form of a conventional loan. Loans of up to $250,000, repayable over 5 to 7 years maximum, at rates varying depending on the level of risk.

Support for Self-Employment

Support for Self-Employment is a financial measure that provides support and advice to people with promising projects in order to help them achieve a level of autonomy in the job market through the creation and development of their business or by helping them become self-employed workers.

Other programs may be available depending on upcoming economic policies at various levels of government.

Futurpreneur Canada

Futurpreneur plays a leading role in the entrepreneurship experience of Canadians aged from 18 to 39 by providing financing, mentoring and tools that will help them build sustainable businesses and create value.

Fonds de microcrédit Agricole

The Fonds de microcrédit Agricole de La Haute-Yamaska is a financial aid consisting of interest-free loans for agricultural businesses that are starting-up, that are in the development process or diversification.  These loans of up to $10 000 are to be paid back over a 5-year period.

CRÉAVENIR – Desjardins Business

The CRÉAVENIR program is designed for young entrepreneurs aged between 18 to 39 who lack the necessary guarantees or funds to secure conventional financing. The program offers support and financial assistance for selected projects.

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