Available Financing

Fonds local d’investissement (FLI)

The goal of the Fonds local d’investissement (Local Investment Fund) is to generate entrepreneurship throughout the Haute-Yamaska territory and to facilitate job creation through financial support in the form of a conventional loan.

A specific component of this fund is reserved for the financial needs involved in business succession.

Support for Self-Employment

Support for Self-Employment is a financial measure that provides support and advice to people with promising projects in order to help them achieve a level of autonomy in the job market through the creation and development of their business or by helping them become self-employed workers.

Other programs may be available depending on upcoming economic policies at various levels of government.

Futurpreneur Canada

Futurpreneur play an integral role in the entrepreneurship experience of Canadians 18-39 by providing financing, mentoring and tools that will help them build sustainable businesses and create value.

Créavenir | Desjardins

Through CRÉAVENIR, Desjardins caisses work in partnership to spur local entrepreneurship and create vibrant communities

  • Financing for entrepreneurs 18 to 35
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Financial aid in the form of a loan and grant
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