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This industrial symbiosis project is being carried out by the MRC de La Haute-Yamaska in partnership with Granby Industrial and the Brome-Missisquoi Local Development Centre (CLD). The regional initiative promotes the transition to a circular economy by optimizing the waste as well as the resources of the region’s industries, businesses and institutions.
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What exactly is a circular economy?

Contrary to a linear economy (extracting, manufacturing, consuming, discarding), a circular economy seeks to optimize the use of resources at every stage of the life cycle of a good or a service, giving new life to residual materials at the end of the manufacturing process.

What is the meaning of industrial symbiosis?

Industrial symbiosis consists of reinjecting waste materials into the production chain. Certain organizations’ residual materials can therefore become the raw materials of others and be used right here, in our region.

The resource-sharing relationship created between two or more organizations is called “synergy”. Synergies between organizations enable the exchange of materials, as well as of energy, equipment or services.

What types of materials or services can be exchanged?

There is no limit to potential synergies. The Synergie Haute-Yamaska ​​team will help you find a taker for whatever materials or services you wish to exchange! However, certain materials are recovered most often by other organizations. Here are some examples :

  • Wood (pallets, furniture, sawdust, shavings, scraps);
  • Paper and cardboard (boxes, corrugated cardboard, paper scraps);
  • Plastic (barrels, pallets, styrofoam, pipes, pails, tanks, granules);
  • Glass (bottles, windowpanes, dishes);
  • Metal (agricultural machinery accessories, furniture, carts, aluminum);
  • Organic matter (food waste, whey, municipal sludge, soil);
  • Chemicals (acids, bases, solutions, calcium lime);
  • Textiles (agricultural netting, geotextile, various fabrics);
  • Aggregates (gravel, concrete, granite, sand)
  • Etc.

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What are the membership fees?

The services provided by Synergie Haute-Yamaska are FREE!

How can we participate?

Contact Agnès Mager Grandmaison, Circular Economy Coordinator, MRC de La Haute-Yamaska
Email :
Phone : 450-378-9976, poste 2273