ECOresponsible Certification

ECORESPONSABLE_AN_CMYKBy acquiring its ECOresponsible Certification, Granby Industrial has made a commitment for sustainable development with regards to its activities with the utmost respect of its economic, physical or social environment,with regards to a sound corporate governance within its organisation.


Granby Industrial aims to become and remain a key player and a converging window for the region’s economic and industrial development thus taking a leadership role by being an innovative business within the community while keeping in mind the impacts of its activities to comply and respect the environment and the society.


The organizational values are at the base of all action principles which influence the business model, the decision-making process and relations between the different stakeholders within the organization.  Granby Industrial promotes and shares with its employees the following seven (7) organizational values and is committed to make them a part of the daily life.Valeurs

  • Service quality
    For us, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.
  • Professionalism
    We will accompany and advise our clients and will interact with all stakeholders in accordance with the highest standard regarding ethical behavior.
  • Teamwork
    At Granby Industrial, teamwork is at the heart of our business strategies.
  • Achievement of goals
    We prioritize the achievement of common goals, whether it be within our organization or with its stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement
    Our efforts are ever increasing to improve our methods and Granby Industrial’s service offer aiming to maximize organizational efficiency.
  • Ecology and sustainable development
    Together with our stakeholders, we conduct our activities with the utmost respect of the environment and are actively contributing to the region’s economic and social growth as well as the society in which we evolve.


Granby Industrial has decided to join the ECORESPONSIBLEMC certification program and to promote its reach throughout the industrial park by creating annual cohorts of ECOleaders.

  • Avril, Supermarché Santé
  • Complexe funéraire Le Sieur
  • Coroplast Division de IBFC
  • Cuisines Beauregard
  • Granby Industriel
  • La SOFIE
  • Le Groupe Industriel Lachance
  • Leprohon
  • Les Aliments Chicoine inc.
  • Les Caoutchoucs et Plastiques Falpaco
  • Les Cartons Northrich
  • Les Revêtements Agro
  • Les Vêtements SP inc.
  • Service d’échange RapidGaz
  • Trilliant
  • Zoo de Granby

You wish to join the Program leading to the ECOresponsible certification?  You would like to know more about this approach?  Contact Mr. Patrick St-Laurent or Mr. Éric Tessier from Granby Industrial, at 450 777-2707.

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